‘Creative licence’ is a wonderful thing. It exists so that authors can ‘embroider’, embellish or assume what should be factual content. In some situations, that’s no problem, but context is key – facts help bring plausibility, credibility and realism to a writer’s work. However, because the genre is called.. Read more

Composer Gary Lloyd on staging Alan Moore’s ‘The Mirror Of Love’

with spoken word, orchestral music and contemporary dance


Section 28 Short at Polari, Syngenta Cellar, Laurence Batley Theatre, 7pm, Tuesday 7 March 2017


The art-form of spoken word with music is precarious and rarely successful... Read more

Janet Jones, author of Happiness Millionaire offers her Top Five Priorities to self-publishing like a pro without falling for the scams.


If you are like me, you see many self-published books that just don’t look professional and they would never stand up against books in the bookstore. You.. Read more

by Stevan Alcock

My novel Blood Relatives is a coming-of-age novel of Rick, a gay teenager, set against the background of the Yorkshire Ripper murders. Part of that terrible history took place in Huddersfield itself; namely the murder of Helen Rytka in January 1978.

But there is another element to.. Read more

By Amanda Huxtable


I was kindly invited by the Festival Director Michelle Hodgson to produce an event at this year’s 10th anniversary festival.


I sat, as I do, and thought long and hard about what gift.. Read more

by Rose Condo


Hard to believe it’s been three years since the LBT opened the doors of Queenie’s Coffee Shop.  Located on the north side of the theatre building, this quaint little space is a lovely venue for delicious hot drinks, fresh soups and sandwiches and a range of.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

On Thursday it was reported that Philip Pullman had resigned as the festival patron of the Oxford Literary Festival patron because authors attending the festival were not paid.


Now The Bookseller has published a letter written by author Amanda Craig calling on all festivals to pay authors... Read more

By VG Lee

I started writing in my early 40s – not from any desire to have something published but from a compulsion to get my thoughts on to paper after the painful break-up of a long-term relationship. My first attempts.. Read more

When Truth is Flooded by Imagination:

writer Sarah Hymas on the walk ‘Colne Rising’


With this winter’s flooding, you might be wary of a walk that tells a story of a seismic tidal surge rolling 75.. Read more

by Emma Harding

It is said that short stories are enjoying something of a renaissance.


After years in the shadow of its big brother the novel, the short story is, it would seem, having its moment in the sun.

.. Read more

The Utterly Awful Catastrophe

By David Barnett


A short story created specially for David Barnett's event with Wilf' Lunn at the University of Huddersfield on 15 March 2015 as part of the Huddersfield Literature Festival


All that Jenny knew was, she wanted a bike for her.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director




At HLF we are happy to champion those who encourage adults and children to read more - and Lovereading certainly falls into that category.

Billed as the UK’s leading book recommendation website for.. Read more

Why Reading Matters

By E. Kate Marsden

Huddersfield Literature Festival is delighted to be teaming up with Reading Matters, a locally based charity and social enterprise dedicated to improving reading skills for all ages and backgrounds.

So, what does Reading Matters do exactly?

Chief Executive Rachel Kelly explains:.. Read more

Polari Up North

By Jonni Gittins


Polari. Bona. Gelt, glossies and drag.  These are just a few terms that stemmed from the 1960’s gay slang movement.  Since homosexual couples and acts weren’t legal in the UK until 1967 the use of slang and communication was essential to the.. Read more

Jah Wobble joins literature festival line-up


The legendary bass guitarist, singer, songwriter and poet Jah Wobble will be making an appearance at the Huddersfield Literature Festival next week.


The Stockport-based musician – whose current band members mostly hail from Huddersfield – will be lifting the lid on.. Read more


Charles Darwin’s struggle with science and faith


By Chelsea Cull

Darwin’s revelations and writing have outlived him in such a way that he is a household name. While not all agree with his theories, the thought, research and scientific knowledge put into them is unquestionable... Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director


Jim Crace: Harvest writer comes to Brontë Country


Landscape and a sense of place can be a powerful tool in a novel.


The novelist’s evocation of the setting where he or she chooses to place his characters – or where he or she happens to stumble.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director


30th anniversary of The Wasp Factory


Thirty years' ago today, The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks was first published. Since that date, many thousands of people have read the darkly funny tale of Frank's strange adventures.

The book was published on Iain Banks' 30th birthday - today.. Read more


Why Kate Adie is my role model


by E Kate Marsden


What was your dream when you were younger? What or who did you want to be when you grew up? Who was or is your role model? For me, there was one person who stands.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director


What do you think when you hear the word “feminist”?


The chances are that some of you will stop reading straight away – whether male or female.

Why is that? Do you think sexism no longer exists, do you think feminism isn’t the route to equality.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

With author Jeremy Dyson, who appeared at HLF2013


Behind the scenes at the festival

Festivals are fun – you can meet your favourite authors and find out where they get their ideas, listen to poetry readings and hopefully feel inspired to read more, or even have a go.. Read more

How to deal with performance poetry stage fright

Guest blog by Rose Condo, actor, poet and head of Community Engagement at the Lawrence Batley Theatre


A couple of months ago I was invited to perform some of my poetry at a cabaret night in Leeds. The venue was.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director


Creative writing in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside

If you think about it, great literature, storytelling and poetry are simply the right combination of words, all thrown together in the right way. Similarly, the foundation for a great Arvon week comprises the right combination of.. Read more

A moving lecture and inspiring poetry from Lemn Sissay

A giant whale, growing up in care, identity and name - you might wonder what links all of these subjects together.

Last week, Huddersfield Literature Festival patron, Lemn Sissay MBE, gave a free lecture at the University of Huddersfield. It.. Read more

Image of Joe Sproulle (Spencer) and Alwyne Taylor (Val) in Sing Something Simple.

Guest blog by Sally Marshall of Dark Horse Theatre


After delivering workshops and talks with local writers groups in the area, with swathes of positive and enthusiastic feedback, it is clear to all of us.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

Last week I gave an assembly for 220 pupils aged 13-14 at Westborough High School in Dewsbury.


The school librarian Sarah-Jane Loughran had invited me to speak to the pupils to tell them about the literature festival but also to talk about the importance of books and reading –.. Read more

Shuddersfield - how it came about

Picture of Rebecca Legg (credit: Andrew Stone of Black Orchard Photography)

Nobody believes that I’m scary. It’s probably because I have this whole “jolly Canadian” persona. In actuality, I’ve spent quite a significant part of my life scaring the crap out of.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

Calling all creative people

How do you find out about arts and events happening in your local area? Local paper, listings magazines or online listings? If you work in a creative sector, how easy is it to meet and engage with others in similar or related sectors?


In.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

Why laughter is the best medicine

Pic: Monkey Poet (credit:


In these days of cut backs, redundancies and triple dip recessions, it's nice to have something to smile about. 


Why comedy is good for the health

Comedy is a good way to.. Read more

Coral Wood - Student Co-ordinator

What is Manga?

Manga is a worldwide phenomenon that has captured the hearts of people all around the world.


‘Manga’ is the Japanese word for comic but is more commonly deemed the name of the genre for all comics or graphic novels published in Japan. Manga has a.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

Creative writing as therapy

Anyone who has kept a diary, written poems or embarked on storytelling will recognise how therapeutic creative writing can be.

By putting our innermost thoughts down on paper, we allow ourselves to acknowledge and express our feelings. Sometimes it’s not until we write something down that.. Read more

Guest blog by Rick Vanes

“I wish I’d known this stuff when I was 10. So much better than a story mountain!” The comment came from a parent who had accompanied her daughter to one of my writing workshops at last year’s Ilkley Literature Festival – and it was.. Read more

Coral Wood - Student Co-ordinator

Living Yorkshire

Recently I visited the beautiful city of Rome. The sights and the people were wonderful but one thing you cannot help but notice is the people’s pride in being from Rome, which is so similar to the pride of those of us living in Huddersfield.

After first.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

Why e-readers will never replace the signed book

When e-readers came on to the market, one of my first thoughts was: what about book signings? Most authors will, at some point, go out on the road to meet fans and sign copies of their latest book. Although e-readers are a.. Read more

Coral Wood - Student Co-ordinator

Huddersfield Literature Festival is coming!

As 2013 approaches, the excitement for the relaunch of the Huddersfield Literature Festival is brewing.

Our 2013 festival looks to be our best yet. Putting together the festival is Michelle Hodgson, who worked in the world of publishing for many years up and now runs.. Read more

Michelle Hodgson - Festival Director

Lifting the lid on the publishing world

Author events are great fun. I should know – I’ve been to hundreds, mostly in a professional capacity, when I worked in book publishing. As Director of the Huddersfield Literature Festival, which takes place from 14-17 March 2013, I’m responsible for organising them... Read more